Digital Infrastructure

Your business is putting greater pressure on the data centre to provide services faster , while operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. Ageing technology, limited infrastructure and the high cost of facilities often make this difficult to achieve. If you're in the process of upgrading data centre facilities, the ideal site for new data centres may not be immediately obvious. 
Virtualisation, consolidation, automation and cloud may all be influencing your decisions about where to build your data centres, or even whether you build one at all.
global ones data centre consolidation and relocation services enable you to minimise risk, while optimising your data centre resources and locations, with consideration of technology changes in the areas of virtualisation and cloud.
We'll also work with you to optimise your power and cooling requirements and explore opportunities to make use of cloud services to better meet your corporate sustainability  objectives.
Our services cover:
-data centre relocation
-power and cooling optimisation
-data centre design
-data centre consolidation
-Infrastructure procurement