Enterprise Mobility

globalone assists IT in supporting the consumerisation of IT and in retaining effective management, security, and compliance capabilities. The enterprise tools and technologies from our partners Microsoft, Citrix and vmWare can help with key enterprise tasks—such as identifying non- corporate devices, delivering applications and data to those devices with the best possible user experience, and establishing and enforcing policies on devices based on the user’s role. These enterprise tools and technologies can help IT maintain security across all device types, regardless of whether the devices are corporate or personal assets, and establish security measures that protect their organisations’ systems, data, and networks.

For enterprises, our solutions enable user's mobile productivity and provide:

  • Simplified registration and enrolment for BYOD. Users can register their devices for access to corporate resources and enroll in the Windows Intune management service to manage their devices and install corporate apps through a consistent company portal.
  • Consistent access to company resources across devices. Users can use the device of their choice to access corporate resources regardless of location.
  • Support for modern work styles with Desktop Virtualization. The Citrix, Microsoft and vmWare Desktop Virtualization solution helps IT enable users to access corporate resources from virtually anywhere, on a variety of devices, and maintain data compliance. Desktops and applications are streamed but never stored on user devices, reducing the risk of losing data on stolen, compromised, or lost devices.
  • Automatic connection to internal resources when needed. Users can access corporate resources automatically when IT enables support for single sign-on and other automatic authentication mechanisms.
  • Business applications delivered from Microsoft Azure. Azure RemoteApp brings scale, agility, and global access to business applications. With Azure RemoteApp, company applications run on Windows Server in the Azure cloud, where they’re easier to scale. This helps users to stay productive on the go, and lets IT scale up or down with no large capital expenditure while protecting sensitive corporate applications on the reliable Azure platform. (Note that Azure RemoteApp is currently in preview).
  • A single user identity for each user. Increase user productivity by providing users with a single identity to use no matter what they’re accessing and whether they’re working in the office, working remotely, or connecting to a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Having a single username and password to remember makes for happy users.

For IT professionals, our solutions unify the environment and provide:

  • Mobile device management of on-premises and cloud-based mobile devices. IT can manage mobile devices completely through the cloud with Windows Intune, Xenmobile or vmWare Airwatch, to manage their devices (PCs, Macs, or servers) and publish corporate apps and services, regardless of whether they’re corporate-connected or cloud-based.
  • Simplified, user-centric application management across devices. IT gains efficiency with a single management console, where policies can be applied across group and device types.
  • Comprehensive settings management across platforms, including certificates, virtual private networks (VPNs), and wireless network and email profiles. Policies can be applied across various devices and operating systems to meet compliance requirements, and IT can provision certificates, VPNs, and Wi-Fi and email profiles on personal devices from within a single management console.
  • Identification of compromised mobile devices. Jailbreak and root detection enables IT to determine which devices accessing corporate resources are at-risk, so that IT can choose to take appropriate action on those devices, including removing them from the management system and selectively wiping the devices.  Protect information anywhere. Protecting in formation at rest and in transit requires authentication and preventing alteration, both key requirements for protecting sensitive corporate information.

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