Two critical challenges to the implementation of Health Information Technology (HIT) — including electronic health records — are protecting the privacy of personal information and providing simple, efficient ways for providers to use HIT in the fast-paced workflows of healthcare.

The public is concerned about privacy of data — reports of hospitals and other organisations accidentally releasing personal information of customers, employees, and members are common.

Simultaneously, as more and more health systems from Australia implement HIT, projects stall and even fail because physicians, nurses, and other providers demonstrate that certain technologies slow them down or become too distracting for safe and efficient use while treating patients. Many health systems turn to identity and access management technologies to better address both the privacy concerns of the public and the workflow needs of providers.

The passage of health information privacy laws in Australia, and the rapid growth of the electronic exchange of
personal information irreversibly elevated the importance of Identity and Access Management (IAM) in healthcare
for regulators, privacy advocates, and the lay public. IAM requires:

•Security: prevent unauthorised people from accessing patient data.
•Privacy: prevent the use or release of patient data inappropriately.
•Efficiency: enable authorised people to appropriately access and use patient data quickly and easily.

The globalone identity and access management practice aims to protect you from increasing security and compliance risk by safeguarding patient health information.

globalone has been worked with Health organisations across Australia and understands these challenges.  Our security experts work with best of Breed Identity and Access Management tools to implement automated process and frameworks to enable   immediate and appropriate access to the applications your caregivers need when they need, while identifying access risk, meeting compliance requirements, and maintaining and monitoring patient privacy.

globalone addresses the operational challenges of access to clinical applications while protecting you from increasing security and compliance risk by safeguarding access to patient health information.

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