Education K-12

Since the expiry of the Department of Education’s ‘Digital Education Revolution’ (DER) funding, schools have
been evaluating alternative options for student based computing resources.

Traditional school laptop programs are costly, challenging to manage, difficult to scale as student numbers
grow, and do little to radically improve student access to learning tools and improve learning outcomes.

When a student’s device fails the student cannot continue with their learning objectives until the school
re-enables the student device or refreshes student data access. This places constant pressures on school
information and communication technology (ICT) administrators.

Under this legacy model end user computing (EUC) costs in schools have continued to grow, while the outcomes
delivered increasingly lag behind end user expectations.

The delivery model needs to change. Students’ and teachers’ expectations have evolved from an environment
school computer labs and/or school laptops running Windows applications to an environment where users:

  • Move between endpoint devices during the day (desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones)
  • Expect to be able to stay connected to their professional, educational and personal networks anytime, anywhere
  • Want their applications and data to be available from any of their devices.

The Solution

globalone has developed a tailored solution that enables schools to meet these expectations by enabling students
and teachers to use their own devices to access school resources – an end to end solution for ‘bring your own
device’ (BYOD) in schools, while staying in control of the environment.

This globalone schools solution makes life easier for teachers and students by combining:

  • A virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI) to ensure all students have the same look and feel desktop regardless
    of the device they bring to school or use at home
  • An on-premises cloud network drive to provide remote access to data retrieval and storage so students and
    teachers can access school resources anywhere, any time, without overloading their communications links.

This end-to-end solution for technology in schools provides a number of benefits:
Enable students to use any device, anywhere to access learning resources
Students like the ability to use their preferred device, so a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment helps with engagement. Schools can now deliver curriculum resources across multiple devices (desktops, tablets, iPads, smart phones and laptops) with a virtualised desktop ensuring a consistent look and feel for end users.

Make life easier in the classroom for teachers
A virtualised desktop means common learning environment. All students have the same look and feel desktop regardless of device they are using, so when a teacher says ‘press the green button’, he/she knows all students are looking at the same thing and are ready to start.

Manage student machines centrally
Virtual Desktop helps to reduce the need for desk side support because all user profiles are stored centrally. This enables your IT support team to fix issues by simply logging onto the server. IT managers have informed us that application virtualisation decreases their application support costs by as much as 80%.

Improve learning outcomes
Virtual desktop enables students to access the same applications and desktops that they did before, but with the added benefit and flexibility of doing so from any device, at any time and from anywhere. This ensures the learning continues even after the bell rings at 3:15.

Reduce the need for dedicated school computer labs
Combining a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment with a virtualised desktop reduces the need for dedicated computer rooms. Schools tell us they like the ability to ‘take CAD out of the lab’; the need for high end workstations in a lab environment for some applications is reduced because these applications can now be run on any device. For
schools that retain the lab environment this extends student learning beyond the classroom. For schools struggling for space this can free up an extra classroom.

Improve management and security
Storing data centrally and not on student machines dramatically improves data security, and security patch management. Student work is stored centrally, and not lost if their device is lost or fails, even when students are studying at home after school and on weekends. “The dog ate my homework” no longer applies!

Extend the life of existing school IT investments
Introducing support for ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) does not mean losing school investment in existing computers – many schools adopt a hybrid model. Current desktop and laptop fleets can be retained for spares, loaned to students without their own device(s), and distributed to classrooms throughout the school so there is always a computer available for students to log onto their personalized virtual desktop.

Extend the life of student devices
Virtual Desktop and Virtualised Applications transfer the workload from PC to server, so end user devices have a greater potential life expectancy. Performing all processing centrally means students with different quality end user devices can access the same applications and features at the same speed/performance. Teachers can provide easy access to student learning resources, confident that student devices will work as expected.

Improve student equity
Students with different quality devices enjoy the same user experience because processing is performed centrally. Virtualisation means entire desktops can be hosted in your school’s data centre or the cloud, so thin client and zero client options become viable. Students with no mobile device can log on to a school computer or community library
computer to see and use exactly the same desktop as every other student.

Access and search school data quickly and reliably
AppSense DataNow puts IT teams in complete control over where files are stored and provides granular policy control over how data is accessed. So student, administration and teaching data is stored safely and authorised users enjoy lightning fast access and global search capabilities. Data Now is a unique data broker, delivered as a turn-key
virtual appliance, that integrates simply with your school’s existing Active Directory.

Why globalone?

globalone has worked with schools for many years, focusing on that critical point where technology meets the user.
The team at globalone includes previous teachers and school network managers. We understand technology and we have
first hand experience of the school environment. It is a powerful combination that means we can bridge the
communication divide between technology and what makes sense for schools.


See it in Action

The best way to see the benefits of this solution for your school is a demonstration.

globalone can arrange a no obligation on-site demonstration of this solution at your school.

Simply call us direct on 1300 551 707.